Our story

Innovation Hub Lithuania aims to facilitate the integration between Lithuanian and the US innovation ecosystems. The Hub seeks to provide visibility to the most innovative Lithuanian entrepreneurs, connecting them to the local ecosystem and other resources of Silicon Valley.

The Hub is powered by Innovation Agency Lithuania, a national facilitator of the country’s innovation ecosystem, and is a member of the Nordic Innovation House. With comprehensive support, the agency empowers Lithuanian entrepreneurs to navigate the innovation landscape, fostering sustainable growth and global competitiveness.

We come from Lithuania, a sandbox for daring ideas and novel solutions. Enterprising, open to new ideas, drivers of change, and creative – that’s how international clients describe Lithuania’s talent.

From one of Europe’s first AI-operated convenience stores to the world’s first digital collectors’ coin, Lithuania has tested and introduced many firsts.

Sectors in Lithuania


You can be pretty sure that your mobile phone contains a part that was made by the Lithuanian laser industry. Our companies work hand-in-hand with such innovators as NASA, CERN, IBM, and Toyota. Though small in size for some high-tech systems, our laser community can hold its own with the U.S., China or Germany.


Lithuania has the largest ICT industry in the Baltic countries. It is a center of excellence in IT solutions, software development, fintech, govtech, and world-wide renowned startups.

High engineering

Industry is a strong backbone of the Lithuanian economy – approximately 21 % of GDP is generated from manufacturing activity in the country. From this number, 6 % of GDP is generated specifically by the engineering and technology industries sector.

Life sciences

Lithuania is the birthplace of CRISPR gene editing tools – this proves Lithuania blends science with an entrepreneurial spirit. The life sciences sector is one of the priority sectors of the Lithuanian economy, accounting for around 2.6% of the country's GDP.

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