Webinar: Behavioral Marketing

Shira Abel is the CEO and founder of Hunter & Bard, an award-winning marketing and design agency. Hunter & Bard works with science and engineering-driven enterprises on marketing cutting-edge products in AI (generative, digital twins, ML), cybersecurity, sustainability, smart cities, logistics, telecom, and more.

Shira is also a sought-after corporate speaker and has spoken at events such as Content Marketing World and MarketingProfs. She has given workshops for multiple enterprises, including Samsung and UL Solutions. She’s also a Lecturer of Technology Marketing for Startups at the University of California, Berkeley. Previously she was a professor of Marketing at Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College and a guest lecturer at Stanford, Kellogg School of Management, and Northeastern University.

In this webinar, you’re going to learn about Behavioral Marketing:

  • The chemicals, need to be triggered for people to respond.
  • How to ask to produce an emotional response.
  • How all of this relates to marketing and sales.

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